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French-language purists will tell you not to use the words below, but you gotta know ’em if you want to understand the Québécois!

We won’t concern ourselves with the ideas of the purists here. We’ll let them squabble amongst themselves as we get down to the more important work of learning French.

Even though these words are often referred to as anglicismes or as examples of franglais, I don’t see a reason why we can’t just think of them as French words that entered the language by way of English.

That said, it’s important to know that these words are reserved to informal speaking situations. They’re not used in formal speech or writing.

The examples below are not the only way those ideas can be expressed in French. For example, although you’ll hear a tattoo called un tatou in Québec, you’ll also come across the standardised tatouage. In the list below, we’ll just look at ways you might hear things said using a word taken from English.

If you like this list of 31 gotta-knows, there’s also a list of 50 must-knows and a list of 30 full-québécois on OffQc.

If you learn everything in those 3 posts, that’s 111 MB of example sentences uploaded to your brain. And if you learn everything on OffQc, then your brain will definitely need a memory upgrade pretty soon. 🙂

1. Tu m’as fait feeler cheap.
You made me feel bad (about myself).

2. Je badtripe là-dessus.
I’m worried sick about it.

3. J’ai eu un gros down.
I got really down.

4. C’est tough sur le moral.
It’s tough on your morale.

5. C’est weird en masse.
That’s totally weird.

6. Ce médicament me rend stone.
This medication stones me out.

7. C’est tellement cute son accent.
His accent is so cute.

8. Ça m’a donné un gros rush.
It got me all pumped up.

9. Mon boss est venu me voir.
My boss came to see me.

10. À l’heure du lunch, je fais de l’exercice.
I exercise at lunchtime.

11. Ça clique pas entre nous.
We don’t click with each other.

12. C’est pas cher, mais c’est de la scrap.
It’s not expensive, but it’s junk.

13. C’est roffe à regarder.
It’s tough [rough] to watch.

14. Je sais pas dealer avec ça.
I don’t know how to deal with this.

15. J’ai mis une patch sur la partie usée.
I put a patch on the worn-out part.

16. Es-tu game pour un concours?
Are you up for a contest?

17. J’ai rushé sur mes devoirs.
I rushed my homework.

18. Y’a un gros spot blanc sur l’écran.
There’s a big white spot on the screen.

19. Je veux vivre ma vie à full pin.
I want to live my life to the max.

20. Le voisin m’a blasté.
The neighbour chewed me out.

21. J’ai un kick sur mon prof de français.
I’ve got a crush on my French prof.

22. T’as l’air full sérieux sur cette photo.
You look full serious in this photo.

23. Écoute ça, tu vas triper!
Listen to this, you’re gonna totally love it!

24. Viens me voir, j’ai fuck all à faire.
Come see me, I’ve got fuck all to do.

25. J’aime les idées flyées.
I like ideas that are really out there.

26. J’ai pas de cravate pour matcher avec ma chemise.
I don’t have a tie to go with my shirt.

27. Je t’ai forwardé sa réponse.
I forwarded her answer to you.

28. Elle a un gros tatou sur l’épaule.
She’s got a huge tattoo on her shoulder.

29. Ça me fait freaker.
It freaks me out.

30. Merci, on a eu un fun noir!
Thanks, we had an amazing time!

31. J’ai lâché ma job parce que j’étais en burn out.
I quit my job because I was burnt out.

_ _ _

Although I’ve written the examples in this post myself, they were inspired by Maude Schiltz‘s book Ah shit, j’ai pogné le cancer and by Rabii Rammal‘s blog posts on Urbania, both of which I encourage you to check out.

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Full québécois panties!

Congratulations to Danny from Boston who won a copy of the film La grande séduction on DVD!

Wow, you guys are great. The sentences you submitted to participate in the contest are all full québécois!

Here’s a selection of the sentences you submitted, with some minor changes. I’ve also shortened a few sentences for simplicity. Enjoy!

1. Toute la gang est allée chercher de quoi manger au dépanneur. [Jennifer]
The whole gang went to get something to eat at the dépanneur.

2. Mets ta tuque, y fait frette! [Jennifer]
Put your hat on, it’s cold out!

3. Je vais prendre le char et aller magasiner cet après-midi. [Jennifer]
I’m going to take the car and go shopping this afternoon.

4. J’vas te donner une claque si t’arrêtes pas de brailler. [Armand]
I’m gonna give you a slap if you don’t stop crying.

5. Mon crisse de chien jappe sans cesse. [Armand]
My goddamn dog keeps on barking.

6. Sors les vidanges, ça sent le diable! [Ilona]
Take out the garbage, it reeks!

7. T’as-tu eu du fun hier soir? [Ilona]
Did you have fun last night?

8. J’ai écouté un bon film la semaine dernière. [Ilona]
I watched a good movie last week.

9. J’ai fait un peu de magasinage en ligne. [Ilona]
I did some online shopping.

10. Je veux pas péter ta balloune, mais c’est pas mal illégal. [Danny de Boston]
I don’t wanna burst your bubble, but it’s pretty illegal.

11. Chu tellement poche en mathématiques. [Danny de Boston]
I really suck at mathematics.

12. Tabarnak, un autre avantage numérique pour les Bruins! [Janet]
Fuck, another powerplay for the Bruins!

13. T’as-tu passé une bonne fête hier? [Janet]
Did you have a good birthday [or other celebration] yesterday?

14. Mon chum et moi, on s’en va au dépanneur. [Janet]
Me and my boyfriend are going to the dépanneur.

15. Ch’peux-tu ouvrir la télé? [Edgardo]
Can I turn the TV on?

16. T’es ben niaiseux, boludo! [Edgardo]
You’re so stupid, boludo!

Edgardo is a diehard fan of Québécois French from Argentina, where boludo is typically associated with the variety of castellano that he speaks. I’ll let you discover the meaning of boludo on his blog!

17. Ce concours est le fun au boutte! [César]
This contest is fun to the max!

18. Enweille Félix, t’es capable! [César]
Come on Félix, you can do it!

19. Le film que j’ai vu hier, c’était full poche! [César]
The movie I saw yesterday sucked big time!

20. La salle était bondée, y avait full de monde! [David]
The room was full, it was jam-packed with people!

21. Dernièrement, je trippe ben raide sur cette toune-là. [David]
Lately, I’ve been totally crazy about that song.

22. Y’est-tu fin le chum à Marie? [David]
Is Marie’s boyfriend nice?

23. Sérieusement, la politique? J’m’en câlisse comme de l’an 40. [David]
Seriously, politics? I don’t give a flying fuck.

24. Coudon, t’es ben ben magané! [Dejah]
Jeez, you’re in really really rough shape!

25. Toi pis moi, on va ben ensemble. [Dejah]
You and me, we make a good pair.

26. Mes enfants font trop de bruit à matin, j’ai mon voyage! [Dejah]
My kids are making too much noise this morning, I’ve had it!

27. OK, c’est-tu assez? [Robert]
OK, is that enough?

28. Ça donne un méchant buzz! [Robert]
This’ll give you a huge buzz!

29. Peux-tu me donner un lift? Mon char est magané. [Sina]
Can you give me a lift? My car’s all beat up.

30. Wô minute, là! Tu me niaises? [Sina]
Hold on a minute there! Are you kidding me?

Thanks for participating everybody. You’re the reason I love working on OffQc so much. 🙂

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