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Boulevard Saint-Joseph, à Montréal [mars 2016]

Before we look at the question in the title, consider this situation:

In a shop in Montréal, two customers left without buying anything. On their way out, the saleslady asked them in French an equivalent of you didn’t find anything you liked?

Can you guess how she might have asked this?

She didn’t use the verb aimer.

She didn’t used the verb plaire, either.

But she did use the noun gôut. More specifically, she used the expression à votre goût, meaning to your liking. Can you make a guess now?

Here’s what she said:

Vous avez rien trouvé à vot’ goût?
You didn’t find anything you liked?
(You didn’t find anything to your liking?)

Remember, ne is omitted in spoken language; rather than vous n’avez rien trouvé, you’ll hear vous avez rien trouvé.

Votre was pronounced colloquially as vot’, which sounds like the French word vote.

Let’s look now at the question in the title.

In a restaurant, a waiter or waitress might ask you:

Est-ce que c’est à votre goût?
Everything good? ok?
(Is it to your liking?)

In this case, you’re being asked if you like the dish that’s been served to you.


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