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In a scene from Les Parent, Natalie is at the hockey rink with her sons. She’s watching her youngest son play a match.

When the team that her son is on scores, she cries out:

Bravo les gars! Wooouuu! Allez les gars! Allez les gars!
Allez! Allez les gars!

Allez les gars means “go guys go.” Gars is the same in both the singular and plural: le gars, les gars.

But be careful how you pronounce it.

gars is pronounced

No r sound, no s sound.

Don’t pronounce it as garce. Please don’t do that. If you don’t know what garce means in French, I think this short article will give you a good idea.

[The quote above was said by Natalie in Les Parent, “Noël emballant,” season 4, episode 11, Radio-Canada, Montreal, 21 November 2011.]

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