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The name of the sixth month — juin — came up in a conversation, and I remembered that the usual pronunciation of this word doesn’t match its spelling.

It’s possible to pronounce juin exactly as written: ʒɥɛ̃

… but you’ll often hear it pronounced instead as: ʒɥœ̃

This means that instead of the in ending being pronounced as the nasal sound in, you’ll often hear it pronounced as the nasal sound un.

What about août? Have you sometimes heard it pronounced with the final t and other times without?

We’ve seen in other posts that, in Québécois French, bout and tout can be pronounced informally as boute and toute, with the final t pronounced. Not so with août — the Québécois pronounce août like ou, with the final t silent.

You might hear someone from France pronounce août as oute, though.

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