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The STM has posted new rules in the métro in an attempt to get us barbarians to behave like civilised human beings when using public transport.

Some rules tell us what to do (green), whereas others tell us what not to do (red). It’s like being in school again!

I found the rules that I saw in the métro posted on the STM website in a section called Bien voyager ensemble.

I’ve put all the rules together in a single image that you can use to learn vocab and expressions in French. Under each rule there’s a short explanation from the STM on why they’ve included it.

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Descendre par la porte arrière
Use the back door to get off

Laisser sortir avant d’entrer
Let others get off before boarding

Sortir avec son journal
Take your newspaper with you

Avoir son titre en main
Have your fare ready

Céder son siège
Give up your seat

Bien tenir son cellulaire
Hold on to your cell phone

Appeler pour de l’assistance
Call for assistance

Prendre ses aises
Make yourself comfortable

Imposer sa musique
Force your music on others

Prendre toute la place
Take up too much space

Retarder tous les autres
Hold everybody else up

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Agis comme un grand garçon!

When a mother boarded the métro in Montréal yesterday with her two boys, I got to listen in as she scolded her youngest boy for his unruly behaviour.

First, the boy climbed up onto an empty seat so that he could sit down. But he didn’t pay attention to where he put his legs, so his mother told him sternly to be careful not to hit the people around him with his feet: tu fais attention de pas accrocher les gens!

Then the boy asked if his mother could take his mittens off for him, but she didn’t like the tone he used. So she told him yes, that she’d take the mittens off for him, but he had to ask nicely: oui, mais tu le demandes gentiment!

But as she pulled his mittens off, the boy starting screaming — despite the fact he had asked his mother to take them off for him. She told him to settle down: sois calme!, to stop throwing a tantrum: tu fais des crises, arrête!, and to act like a big boy: agis comme un grand garçon!

Miraculously, he did finally settle down and act like a big boy — but only after getting up to pick a new seat!

1. Tu fais attention de pas accrocher les gens!
Be careful not to hit people!

2. Oui, mais tu le demandes gentiment!
Fine, but you (must) ask for it nicely!

3. Sois calme!
Settle down! Stay calm!

4. Tu fais des crises, arrête!
You’re acting up, stop it!

5. Agis comme un grand garçon!
Act like a big boy!

Image: MSN Arabia

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