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In the chapter of strange things you can see in Montréal: customers at a supermarket removing all the leaves and fibres from cobs of corn before buying them, and throwing it all on the ground, there in the supermarket. Good thing they don’t do the same with their banana peels!

In Québec, the term blé d’Inde means corn. Un épi is a cob. The verb éplucher means to peel (away the leaves).

This means we can say éplucher un épi de blé d’Inde or, more simply, éplucher un blé d’Inde and éplucher un épi.

As for customers throwing leaves on the ground, we can say ils jettent les feuilles par terre, but another good verb to know, heard in the French of Québec, is garrocher. It means the same thing as jeter.

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