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Only 15 posts away from 1000...!

Only 15 posts away from 1000…!

In #984, I pulled together a list of informal contractions used in Québécois French and that have come up in recent videos added to OffQc.

Let’s do another list here in #985 — useful phrases from the same videos that you can learn and start using right away when you speak French. The links take you back to the original posts so you can listen again if you want.

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I spotted a Québécois usage on the cover of the magazine Ricardo yesterday.

Tanné de jeter de la bouffe?
Tired of throwing food away?

The expression to learn is être tanné, which means to be tired, fed up.

je suis tanné
(pronounced informally chu tanné)
I’m fed up

If you want to say what you’re sick of, use être tanné de, for example: être tanné de la chaleur, être tanné d’étudier, être tanné de quelqu’un.

Then there’s tanner (to irritate) and tannant (irritating)…

Way back in #241 (Tu me tannes), there’s an example from 30 vies where a character called Blaise is tired of listening to his classmate Massoud lecture him.

Blaise says to Massoud: tu me tannes, you irritate me. We could describe Massoud as being tannant, or irritating.

Learn la bouffe too, if you don’t know it. It means food. Maybe you’ve come across bouffe before in the supermarket IGA’s slogan Vive la bouffe (literally, “long live food”).

tanné, fed up
tanner, to irritate
tannant, irritating
la bouffe, food

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The autumn edition of the magazine Urbania (numéro 31) was devoted entirely to the theme of babies. And of course the first thing that comes to mind when you think of babies is caca.

They even devoted two pages to analysing the contents of a diaper to determine how well bébé is doing.

Vert-brun, brun dur et sec, jaune foncé, noir, brun aqueux… author Julie Chaumont explained the meaning of all these cacas (and more), by their odour, consistency, frequency, ingredients and quantity.

I can’t go through all of the descriptions here, so we’ll just take a peek at the caca that Julie describes as jaune moutarde, doré, parfois tacheté vert. This poop is the result of a baby who’s been breastfed.

She describes the odour of this caca in these terms:

Douce, pas désagréable. Mon chum dit que ça sent la bouffe du McDo.

Douce (and not doux), because she’s describing the odeur of the caca. Odeur is feminine. She explains that her chum (it’s not clear what their marital status is!) says that this poo smells like the food (la bouffe) from McDonalds (McDo).

With yesterday’s entry about the food at Valentine, I think that I’ve served you enough fast food these past two days. Except this time it’s much messier because the author says that these cacas peuvent exploser et sortir […] de tous côtés de la couche…

[Quote above by Julie Chaumont, in “Les deux mains dedans,” Urbania (Montréal), no. 31, p. 54.]

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