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As I was browsing through the latest issue of the magazine Urbania (#33), I was reminded of the slogan used by Buckley’s. This is the medicine that uses as its selling point that their cough syrup tastes awful and it works.

In French, the Buckley’s slogan is:

Ça goûte mauvais et ça marche.

If you’ve read entry #463, you’ll remember the expressions goûter mauvais (to taste bad) and goûter bon (to taste good).

In issue #33 of Urbania, an article appeared about the slow disappearance of winter in Quebec.

The article listed the top 50 things that would be missed in the absence of the hiver québécois. Listed as #26 was the Buckley’s mixture and its slogan. Listed as #46 was:

Le gravier épandu sur les trottoirs qu’on retrouve dans le bol du chien et dans le fond du lit.

The abrasives that are used in the streets in the winter find their way into the entire house. If you’re walking around barefoot, it’s no fun when you step on a small, sharp piece and spend the rest of the evening trying to remove it from your foot!

[Second quote by Marie-Andrée Labbé in “Le dégel en 50 étapes faciles,” Urbania, numéro 33, printemps 2012, Montréal, p. 35.]

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