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The irreverent Rabii Rammal

In case you forgot the meaning of the verb se crosser as used in Québec, Rabii Rammal provides a mini educational review lesson in this update on his public Facebook page.

Entendu dans la rue:

BLONDE: Je sais pas pourquoi, mais j’te crois pas.

SON CHUM: J’te l’jure que j’me crosse pas chez toi! De toute façon ton chat est tout l’temps là pis j’serais pas tant à l’aise de m’crosser devant lui pendant qu’y m’fixe.

Heard in the street:

GIRLFRIEND: I don’t know why, but I don’t believe you.

HER BOYFRIEND: I swear I don’t jack off at your place! Besides, your cat is always there, and I’d be pretty uncomfortable having a wank in front of it while it stares at me.

une blonde, a girlfriend
un chum, a boyfriend
je te le jure, I swear
se crosser, to jack off, to wank [masturbate]
de toute façon, besides, at any rate
être à l’aise de faire, to be comfortable doing
il me fixe, he stares at me

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Je cherche ma petite chatteI came across this unusual (and passive-aggressive?) sign in a Montréal street for a lost cat. You can click on it to make it bigger.

There are a few mistakes in it, so I’ve fixed them below. I’ve also translated it into English.

Je cherche ma petite chatte, elle est noire, elle se tenait normalement dans ma cour. Son collier était sale. Je le lui avais enlevé pour le laver. Si quelqu’un pensait qu’elle était orpheline et qu’il l’a adoptée, c’est gentil, mais j’aimerais qu’elle revienne. Si vous l’avez capturée, un chat noir = malheur à vous. Vous pouvez la rapporter et le mauvais sort sera annulé. Merci! (Patrick le sorcier, 8 ans ½)

I’m looking for my little cat, she’s black, she usually stayed in my yard. Her collar was dirty. I took it off to wash it. If somebody thought she was homeless and adopted her, that’s kind of you, but I’d like for her to come back. If you took her, a black cat = woe to you. You can bring her back and the curse will be cancelled. Thank you! (Patrick the wizard, 8 ½ years old)

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