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Maybe someone’s just told you that you’re going to have to wait three hours; surprised, you want to say in French don’t you think that’s a long time? Do you know how you might say this?

To begin, you should know how to say that’s a long time. In French, you just say the equivalent of that’s longc’est long. Remember, long is pronounced as if it were written lon in French. It rhymes with mon, ton, son.

To ask don’t you think that…, use the verb trouver.

Here’s the answer to the question in the title (taken from a conversation):

Tu trouves pas ça long?
Don’t you think that’s a long time?

There’s no ne in there (tu ne trouves pas) because ne is omitted in spoken language.

C’est long can also be used where English says it’s taking a long time. For example, if you’re waiting for the bus to arrive and it’s taking a long time, you can say c’est long. In this scenario, the question tu trouves pas ça long? would mean don’t you think it’s taking a long time?

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A guy in his late teens or early 20s standing in front of a shopping centre asked me if he could use my phone. He was waiting for a friend to pick him up, but it was taking his friend a long time to arrive.

The guy called his friend from my phone, but there was no answer. So he also sent his friend a text message from my phone:

Yo c pablo jsui la men c long fuck

Can you decipher the message?

Yo, c’est Pablo. J’suis là, man. C’est long, fuck.
Yo, it’s Pablo. I’m here, man. What’s taking so long, fuck.

Maybe you’ll remember that je suis is pronounced informally as chu or chui. On OffQc, I’ve used the spellings j’sus (chu) and j’suis (chui), but you’ll come across other spellings too.

C’est long! It’s taking a long time! What’s taking so long? Maybe you’re waiting for the bus and it’s taking a long time: c’est long! Or, like Pablo, maybe you’ve been waiting a really long time for a friend to arrive and you’re losing patience: c’est long, fuck!

Don’t pronounce the g in long. This word rhymes with mon.

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