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In French, someone asked who sings that song? But the question didn’t include the French word chanson, and it didn’t begin with qui.

Any idea how the question might’ve been asked?

Here’s what the speaker said:

C’est qui qui chante c’te toune-là?
Who sings that song?

C’est qui qui is often used to ask who questions. C’est qui qui a dit ça? Who said that? C’est qui qui a écrit ça? Who wrote that? Maybe we can compare this formulation to English’s who is it that (e.g., who is it that sings that song?).

C’te toune-là means that song, where toune (a feminine noun) means song, just like chanson does. C’te is a contraction of cette. To pronounce c’te, first say te. Now put an s sound on the front of it: s’te.

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