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Quétaine, on four wheels, at a Montréal shopping centre:



Anything tacky is quétaine — or like our Mexican friends say, naco.

In fact, our friend KaKo’s car, complete with five white stars and four bitchin’ mags, is only one letter away from reading NaKo.

Other ways quétaine can be said in English include kitschy, cheesy and corny.

A few examples of quétaine from around the web:

De la musique de Noël pas quétaine, est-ce que ça existe?
Is there any such thing as non-cheesy Christmas music?

J’suis quétaine pis je m’assume!
I’m tacky and I admit it!

C’est une chanson très veloutée, à la limite du quétaine, mais qui donne envie de danser collé.
It’s a very smooth song bordering on kitsch, but it makes you want to slow dance with someone.

If New York is the Big Apple, then Montréal is la Grosse Orange.

This gigantic boule orange of a restaurant near métro Namur in Montréal is also the definition of quétaine (but the good kind of quétaine, not the quétaine kind of quétaine).

Gibeau Orange Julep

Gibeau Orange Julep

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