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OK, fine, so Italy got eliminated at the World Cup.

I’m feeling better today (thank you), but they need to get back to work now and so do I.

Here’s today entry: talking about plans for the summer holidays.

This Les Parent Facebook update from 23 June asks:

Finissez-vous l’école cette semaine?
Que ferez-vous de vos vacances?

Do you finish school this week?
What will you do on your holidays?

The second question more literally means “what will you make of your holidays?” The comments section was full of answers from young people, so let’s see what some of them had to say.

Lots of travelling plans:

aller en Gaspésie
go to Gaspésie

aller à New York
go to New York

Je m’en vais au Portugal.
I’m going to Portugal.

M’en vas à Trois-Pistoles… yes!
Going to Trois-Pistoles… yes!
(M’en vas sounds more informal than je m’en vais.)

Rien à part brûler au soleil aux quatre coins du Québec.
Nothing other than burn in the sun all over Québec.

visiter les régions du Québec
visit the regions of Québec
(i.e., travel around Québec)

Others plan to spend time outdoors:

la Ronde, la Ronde
la Ronde, la Ronde
(It’s an amusement park in Montréal.)

Je vais sûrement aller à la Ronde ou à la plage.
I’ll most likely go to the Ronde or the beach.

pêche et vélo
fishing and biking

me baigner
go swimming

me baigner et me chicaner avec ma soeur
go swimming and fight with my sister

No holidays for some kids:

travailler, travailler, travailler et encore travailler
work, work, work and more work

Travailler au camp d’été!
Work at summer camp!

Some plan to relax or just be lazy:

D.O.R.M.I.R. tout court
S.L.E.E.P., end of story

chill out


aucune idée
no idea

Pour l’instant, je préfère être au lit.
For the moment, I prefer to be in bed.

Je vais rester à la maison et relaxer tout l’été.
I’m going to stay home and relax all summer.

fuck all
fuck all

Et vous, que ferez-vous de vos vacances ?
Ne dites pas « fuck all » !

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In the television comedy Les Parent, Thomas is the oldest of three sons in the Parent family.

In this image (taken from the Les Parent Facebook page), we read a funny text message exchange between Thomas (grey) and his father (green). You can click on the image to make it bigger.

Thomas thinks he can hide a house party from his father, who’s away with his youngest son Zak.

But his father discovers that Thomas is up to no good, and he calls Thomas out on it…

Père — Salut mon grand. Tout se passe bien?

Thomas — Oui p’pa. Profitez de votre w-e. Allo à Zak.

Père — Tu fais quoi?

Thomas — Rien. Je chill dans ma chambre.

Père — Good. Dernière question, c’est qui le gars qui sonne à la porte avec 3 caisses de 24?

Thomas — Hein?? Vs êtes où?

Père — Devant la maison. En arrière des 6 autos / 8 scooters / 14 vélos qui bloquent l’entrée.

Père — Oh! La musique vient d’arrêter…

mon grand, big guy (term of endearment)
p’pa, papa
w-e, weekend (texting abbreviation)
je chill, I’m chilling, hanging out
un gars, a guy (pronounced )
sonner à la porte, to ring the doorbell
une caisse de 24, a case of 24 beers, a “two-four”
vs, vous (texting abbreviation)
en arrière de, behind
bloquer l’entrée, to block the driveway

Thomas thought he could get away with saying he was just chilling in his room. But when he learns that his father is in front of the house seeing that a party’s underway, he cuts the music… and his father makes a sarcastic comment.

Here it is in English:

Father — Hi big guy. Everything ok?
Thomas — Yeah, Dad. Enjoy your weekend. Hi to Zak [his little brother].
Father — What are you doing?
Thomas — Nothing. Chilling in my room.
Father — Good. Last question, who’s the guy with 3 two-fours (3 cases of beer) ringing the doorbell?
Thomas — What?? Where are you guys?
Father — In front of the house. Behind the 6 cars / 8 scooters / 14 bikes blocking the driveway.
Father — Oh! The music just stopped… [i.e., Oh! Go figure! The music just stopped…]

The show Les Parent is broadcast on television on Radio-Canada. It’s also periodically available online at tou.tv for Canadian viewers.

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