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Here’s a sign I saw at the beginning of this past summer (summer 2014) in métro Guy. It’s an ad for an app from the Yellow Pages, les Pages Jaunes.

I took the photo from the other side of the platform, so it’s a little blurry. You can click on it. It says:

Ton linge d’été de 2013 fait tellement… 2013? Il y a 179 boutiques de mode au centre-ville.

Your summer clothes from 2013 are so… 2013? There are 179 fashion boutiques downtown.

Two things to learn from this:

1. The masculine word linge, which means “clothes” in Québec;

2. The expression ça fait tellement 2013, that’s so 2013!

mon linge, my clothes
mon linge d’été, my summer clothes
porter du nouveau linge, to wear new clothes
m’acheter du nouveau linge, to buy myself new clothes

In Québec, you can use the word linge the same way you’ve probably already learned to use vêtements.

Ça fait tellement 2013!
That’s so 2013!

People usually say the year that just ended to be snarky and label something as outdated, often prematurely. I took this photo earlier in 2014, which is why the ad uses 2013.

Now that we’re two months away from the end of 2014, people might even already say ça fait tellement 2014…

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