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Mes jeans ne me font plus!

Ah shit, mes jeans ne me font plus

Maude Schiltz’s book Ah shit, j’ai pogné le cancer (tome 1) is such a treasure trove of French written in a down-to-earth, conversational style that I always have trouble deciding what we should look at next.

Today, I picked something from her book that I think a lot of us can relate to after winter — jeans that don’t quite fit like they did before winter. All those Timbits really add up, you know?

In Maude’s case though, her jeans don’t fit because of chemotherapy. The treatment has caused her to gain weight. Maude describes her experience:

J’ai eu une phase où je mangeais comme un ogre, mais depuis, mon appétit est revenu à ce qu’il était, et pourtant je continue à trouver mes jeans de plus en plus tight chaque fois que j’essaie de les mettre. D’ailleurs la plupart ne me font plus. Câlisse.

I went through a phase where I ate like a beast but, since then, my appetite has returned to normal — and yet I still find my jeans getting tighter and tighter every time I try to put them on. As a matter of fact, most of them don’t fit me anymore. Fuck.

The part in particular that made me choose this quote was where Maude says: la plupart [de mes jeans] ne me font plus. More than once I’ve noticed a French-language learner hesitate when wanting to talk about a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit.

Mes jeans ne me font plus.
My jeans don’t fit me anymore.

On the other hand, if an article of clothing te fait bien, it fits and looks good on you. Ça te fait bien ce chandail-là!

_ _ _

French quote written by Maude Schiltz in Ah shit, j’ai pogné le cancer (tome 1), Éditions de Mortagne, Boucherville (Québec), 2013, page 186.

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I stumbled across a TVA fashion article and video yesterday from 2011 called: On s’habille en «mou» mais avec goût!

But what does it mean to be dressed en mou?

The first paragraph on that page reads:

L’automne est synonyme de cocooning, on a besoin de se sentir bien et confortables avec des vêtements faits de matières douces et souples qu’on appelle souvent du «mou». Exit le chandail de coton ouaté et le pantalon de jogging, je vous propose du mou de bon goût, du mou qu’on osera porter à l’extérieur de la maison.

Did you guess the meaning of en mou from that paragraph (if the image hasn’t already given it away)?

des vêtements faits de matières douces et souples
clothing made of soft and flexible materials

un chandail de coton ouaté

un pantalon de jogging
sweatpants, jogging pants

If you’re wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt, or anything soft and fluffy and snuggly-wuggly, you’re dressed en mou. Makes sense: mou means soft.

The speaker in the TVA video talks about how to dress en mou without having to don the usual sweatpants and sweatshirt.

Image: Rouge FM

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