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How do francophones in Québec say the address numbers in the image?

As a number on its own when counting, you probably already know how to say 7155 in French:


But note that when francophones say four-digit numbers in an address, they often employ a shortcut:

soixante-et-onze cinquante-cinq

So, if someone lived in rue des Offcois, you’ll hear people say colloquially:

soixante-et-onze cinquante-cinq, rue des Offcois
soixante-et-onze cinquante-trois, rue des Offcois
soizante-et-onze cinquante-et-un, rue des Offcois
soixante-et-onze quarante-neuf, rue des Offcois

What about telephone numbers?

If someone’s telephone number were 514-555-6542, you might hear:

soixante-cinq quarante-deux

Other people might say:

soixante-cinq quarante-deux,
dans le cinq-un-quatre

My Spanish-speaking friends have a tendency of saying the code régional (area code) like this in French: cinq-cent-quatorze. Although you’d be understood, it’s not how francophones say it. The numbers that make up the area code are said individually: cinq-un-quatre.

It’s common to say the last four digits of a telephone number in pairs (soixante-cinq quarante-deux), but if you find it easier, you can of course also say six-cinq-quatre-deux.

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*This is the way you spell 7155 in words according to the orthographe rectifiée for numbers. Basically, you just put a hyphen between everything! You can download a PDF about French spelling changes here.

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This cool video from the magazine Urbania lets us in on some facts about Montréal that may surprise you.

The video is from 2007. Feel free to update any numbers that have changed in the comments if you can.

514, code régional

1 854 442 habitants

492 235 immigrants

7 630 rues

522 km de ruelles

233 mètres, hauteur du mont Royal

179 graffiteurs

Montréal est à
10 379 km de Tokyo
5 897 km de Paris
532 km de New York
32 km de Saint-Amable

Le 4 mars 1971,
48 cm de neige
sont tombés sur
en 24 heures.

19 ponts

1 île

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