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In the comments section of a Facebook post, users left insulting comments about a young man who appeared in a video that went viral.

The contents of the video aren’t important… but the insulting comments in French might be of interest to you.

Here are some of the insults the man earned.

beau cave
total idiot

c’t’un malade
he’s crazy

pas fort!
lame, fail, pathetic

champion des épais
champion of the idiots


Some people insulted other commenters with:

gang de caves
bunch of idiots, shitheads…

bande de cons
bunch of idiots, shitheads…

Lots of words for “idiot” in these comments:

un cave
un épais
un colon
un con

Colon is a settler, a peasant.

Pas fort is used in the same sense as “fail.” If someone did something stupid, attention might be called to it by saying pas fort to shame the person.

— William a vomi sur sa blonde.
— Pas fort.

— William threw up on his girlfriend.
— Fail.

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Ben, in the television series 19-2, works as a police officer. He and his blonde have received two guests at their place for a get-together.

The female guest, trying to be funny, makes a joke about the cops in the film Police Academy, describing them as:

une gang de colons qui se grattent la poche pis qui donnent des tickets

… or “a bunch of dolts who scratch their balls and hand out tickets.” Her joke doesn’t go over well. Ben takes it personally and the conversation goes sour.

In Québec, gang is a feminine word pronounced like its English equivalent.

Un colon refers to someone unsophisticated, without class or style, or someone who acts like a hick.

Pis (sounds like pi) is an informal pronunciation of puis; it means “and” here.

In un ticket, the final t is pronounced and stress falls on the last syllable (tick-ETT). In the plural tickets, the final s is silent.

[Quote taken from 19-2, season 2, episode 3, Radio-Canada, Montréal, 11 February 2013.]

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