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Let’s take a look at a general French expression (not limited to Québec), useful in conversations: d’après moi (d’après toi, etc.). We’ll look at two ways you can use this.

The first way it can be used is to emit an opinion, as in in my opinion, if you ask me, personally I think…

D’après moi, ça va marcher.
I think it’s going to work.
If you ask me, it’s going to work.
Personally, I think it’s going to work, etc.

D’après moi, il te niaise.
If you ask me, he’s putting you on (having you on, fooling you, stringing you along, joking with you, etc.). Remember: il in spoken language sounds like i’.

A second way this expression can be used is to invite someone to make a guess about something:

— T’as quel âge, toi?
— D’après toi?
— How old are you?
— How old do you think I am? (It literally means in your opinion? The person saying d’après toi? is curious to see what age the other person will guess.)

It can also be used with a sarcastic or aggressive tone:

— C’est quoi ton problème?
— D’après toi?!
— What’s your problem?
— What do you think my problem is!


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