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Décâlisse, tabarnak!

Décâlisse, tabarnak!

I witnessed an argument over an iPhone in a public place in Montréal yesterday where some colourful language was used…

A man in his 30s walked past a table where a man in his 60s was sitting. The older man was looking at his iPhone.

The younger man stopped about three metres away from the table where the older man was sitting and began to observe him intently. The older man didn’t like this, and he asked the younger man what exactly he was looking at.

That’s when the younger man explained that he had lost his iPhone in the area, and wanted to know if the iPhone the older man was using was really his own.

The older man got angry at the suggestion that he was using a lost or stolen phone. He then swore at the younger man telling him to get lost:

Go the fuck away!

The younger man asked if he could see the phone, and the older man swore at him again:

Décâlisse, tabarnak!
Go the fuck away, goddammit!

The younger man kept looking at the phone from where he was standing. He seemed pretty convinced that it might be his. He then challenged the older man by saying:

Tu viens avec moi. Tu veux parler fort? On va parler fort dehors.
You come with me. You wanna shout? We can go shout outside.

The older man just told the younger man where to go again:


The younger man then moved about seven metres away from the older man, wondering what he should do. After about a minute, he finally walked right up to the older man to take a really good look at the phone. After he looked, he backed off and said:

OK, c’est pas le mien. Tu vois? C’est pas compliqué. Je m’excuse.
OK, it’s not mine. You see? It’s not complicated. I’m sorry.

I don’t know who’s more to blame in this altercation!

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crucifixAt the Assemblée nationale du Québec, a crucifix hangs on the wall.

Le crucifix at the Assemblée nationale is a source of debate in Québec.

Some people would like to see this symbole religieux taken down and put into a museum instead.

Others disagree. They say that the crucifix at the Assemblée nationale is part of Québec’s heritage.

Last week, three women from the Femen movement disrupted a session at the Assemblée nationale. They protested against the presence of the crucifix.

The women chanted: Crucifix, décâlisse! (Crucifix, get the hell out!)

The slogan was also written across their bare chests:

Crucifix, décâlisse!

The verb décâlisser, which is a swear word, can be used to talk about getting the hell out of a place — or to tell someone else (and even a crucifix) to get the hell out.

Get the hell out!

Je décâlisse!
I’m getting the hell out!
I’m getting the fuck outta here!

The verb décâlisser derives from the word calice (without the accented â), the chalice used in Roman Catholicism.

Photo credits: (top) La Presse; (bottom) La Presse via L’Oreille tendue

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