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On the OffQc Facebook page, I asked recently what Québécois French word you had trouble understanding. Andrew said the word guidoune.

In Québécois French, une guidoune can refer to a promiscuous woman. Because guidoune is an informal and offensive word, its equivalent in English would be words like slut, slag, whore, etc.

You may hear guidoune used to refer to a prostitute, or a woman judged to be “slutty” in appearance or behaviour.

For example, in 2011, a Toronto police officer claimed that if women stopped dressing like “sluts” (s’habiller en guidoune), they’d avoid being assaulted. A group of women angered by the police officer’s comments then organised a march in Toronto called SlutWalk.

The event then spread to other cities, including Montréal. In the image below from the Montréal version, we see the event name rendered in French as Marche des salopes rather than Marche des guidounes.

Image source: TVA Nouvelles

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