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During a French conversation in Montréal, a woman spoke about a well-known person she liked for his straightforwardness. In French, she said an equivalent of at least he tells it like it is.

An expression you’ll often hear in French, especially in political commentary, is dire les vraies affaires.

Some who “says the real things” is someone who tells it like it is, someone who gets to the point without mishmashing his words. We’ve seen other examples of the word affaires recently, which gets a lot of use in colloquial French.

Knowing this, you can probably now guess how the woman said at least he tells it like it is during the conversation. She said:

Au moins i’ dit les vraies affaires.

Remember, il contracts to i’ in spoken language, which is often shown in informal writing as y.

On va se dire les vraies affaires.
Let’s tell it like it is (to each other). We’re going to tell it like it is (to each other).

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