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Overheard in French: someone who said an equivalent of “I tripped” (i.e., he lost footing).

To say this, he didn’t use the verb trébucher. He didn’t use tomber, either. And he didn’t use tripper from the last post, which of course has a different meaning altogether.

So what verb did he use? He used s’enfarger.

s’enfarger, to trip
il s’est enfargé, he tripped
s’enfarger dans l’escalier, to trip in the staircase
s’enfarger dans ses lacets, to trip on one’s (shoe)laces

S’enfarger can also be used in a figurative sense.

Il s’est enfargé dans mon nom.
He got (said) my name wrong.
Literally: He “tripped” on my name.

Il s’est s’enfargé sounds like i sé t’enfargé in spoken language.

Enfarger quelqu’un means to trip someone, for example, by sticking your leg out so he falls over it.

In short:

s’enfarger, to trip
enfarger quelqu’un, to trip someone

Using enfarger or s’enfarger, can you now say he tripped me; I tripped; I tripped on my laces?


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