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The irreverent Rabii Rammal

In case you forgot the meaning of the verb se crosser as used in Québec, Rabii Rammal provides a mini educational review lesson in this update on his public Facebook page.

Entendu dans la rue:

BLONDE: Je sais pas pourquoi, mais j’te crois pas.

SON CHUM: J’te l’jure que j’me crosse pas chez toi! De toute façon ton chat est tout l’temps là pis j’serais pas tant à l’aise de m’crosser devant lui pendant qu’y m’fixe.

Heard in the street:

GIRLFRIEND: I don’t know why, but I don’t believe you.

HER BOYFRIEND: I swear I don’t jack off at your place! Besides, your cat is always there, and I’d be pretty uncomfortable having a wank in front of it while it stares at me.

une blonde, a girlfriend
un chum, a boyfriend
je te le jure, I swear
se crosser, to jack off, to wank [masturbate]
de toute façon, besides, at any rate
être à l’aise de faire, to be comfortable doing
il me fixe, he stares at me

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