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Here’s some more informal French from Urbania — not from the magazine itself, but from their Facebook page!

In this Facebook update, an Urbania writer tells us:

On a envoyé un de nos journalistes dans un sauna gai. Oui, il a vu des bizounes. Mais s’est-il fait pogner la sienne? À lire!

La bizoune, that’s the thing that boys have between their legs. So the journalist that they sent to a gay sauna, he saw lots of them.

La Parlure here and Wikébec there each have an example of la bizoune for you.

To go straight to the article on the Urbania website written by Frédéric Guindon, you can read it here. Only part of it is online. The rest is in the magazine in itself. There’s some funny language in the article, like the way the author describes the bizounes that he saw as des cobras sur le point d’attaquer.

[Quote from Urbania Facebook status update, 6 February 2012.]

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In issue 31 of the magazine Urbania (this issue was devoted entirely to the theme of babies), Frédéric Guindon writes about his experience at trying to get his wife pregnant.

He gives a piece of advice:

La première étape quand on veut un enfant, c’est de fourrer.
Souvent et bien.

The F word in this quote is the equivalent of the F word in English.

The author goes on to explain why it’s so important that the sex be good:

If it’s not good sex, les petits spermatomachins will know it, and they’ll crash into the wall instead of going into la boîte magique…

[Quote above by Frédéric Guindon, in “Guindon et fils,” Urbania (Montréal), no. 31, p. 45. To crash into the wall = foncer dans le mur. To go into the magic box = rentrer dans la boîte magique.]

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