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In Tu peux frencher un gars à Memphis, author Matthieu Simard talks about the importance of the place we call home and where we choose to end our lives.

No matter where you were born, no matter where you’ve lived in the world, what counts, he says, c’est où t’arrêtes. For him, that’s Montreal. He has some interesting things to say about Montreal, like:

Assez propre pour qu’on en soit fiers, mais assez sale pour qu’on ne se sente pas mal de jeter sa gomme par terre.

You’ll notice that the title of his text uses the verb frencher, “to french kiss.” Frencher un gars is “to french kiss a guy.” Remember, gars is pronounced gâ. The letters rs in gars aren’t pronounced.

There’s a noun too: un french, “a french kiss.”

Both frencher and un french are informal uses.

In entry #245, you can read about un french avec trop de langue et trop de bave.

[Quote by Matthieu Simard in Tu peux frencher un gars à Memphis, published on Urbania on 1 September 2009.]

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