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In 19-2, Ben and his blonde Catherine are in a fight. He’s recently discovered that she’s been taking la pilule behind his back — which explains why she’s not getting pregnant despite their efforts.

When Ben finally confronts Catherine about her deceitfulness, she storms off to the bedroom and locks the door. Ben bangs angrily on the door, telling her to open so that they can talk. He screams things like:

Talk to me!


Ouvre la porte pis parle-moé!
Open the door and talk to me!


Ouvre la crisse de porte!
Open the fucking door!

Later in the episode, we see that they’ve finally calmed down and are talking to each other. Ben wants to know why she doesn’t want a baby (and future) with him. He wonders aloud:

Qu’est-ce que j’ai fait de pas correct?
What did I do wrong?

Ben tries to accept the fact that a woman he’s spent two thirds of his life with doesn’t want to bear his child.

Realising they’ve reached the end of their relationship, Ben rhetorically asks what they’ll become now… roommates? fuck friends? des colocs? des fuck-friends?

A few notes: Ben pronounced qu’est-ce que j’ai fait de pas correct as qu’est-ce que j’ai faite de pas correc. Following the normal rules of French, the plural s is silent in both colocs and fuck-friends. In French, the stress in fuck-friend falls on the word friend.

[Language from 19-2, season 2, episode 3, Radio-Canada, Montréal, 11 February 2013.]

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