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If you have access to Radio-Canada on television or all the videos on tou.tv, give the police series 19-2 a try.

You’ll find the dialogue in 19-2 challenging, but you really shouldn’t miss the show if you have the chance to view it. Season 2 is now underway.

In the first episode of season 2, viewers are confronted with difficult scenes to watch. The episode takes place in a secondary school where an adolescent has opened fire.

Not surprisingly, we hear the police officers in this series talk about guns. In different scenes, we hear them refer informally to a gun as un gun.

In one scene, a police officer yells at a suspect:
Drop ton gun! (Drop your gun!)

Then, more aggressively, he yells again:
Drop ton esti d’gun! (Drop your fuckin’ gun!)

Later, an officer yells at a suspect pinned to the ground:
Yé où ton gun? (Where’s your gun?, yé = il est)

Then, more aggressively:
Yé où ton esti d’gun? (Where’s your fuckin’ gun?)

We can look at some more language from 19-2 in future entries. If you’re looking for a series to watch containing a lot of street French, 19-2 won’t disappoint.

[Quotes from 19-2, season 2, episode 1, Radio-Canada, Montréal, 28 January 2013.]

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