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Let’s continue with some more French from the first episode of Les Parent, season 5. In this episode, Louis and his wife Natalie receive a visit from Louis’ cousin Kevin (played by real-life Kevin Parent).

Louis and Kevin spend a late night out in a bar in rue Saint-Laurent. The next morning, they both wake up in rough shape with a hangover. Natalie comments on how awful they both look:

Vous êtes donc ben maganés!

With the adjective magané, Natalie commented on the rough, hungover look on their faces. It means something like “ruined.”

She also intensified maganés by adding donc ben before it. Donc ben is pronounced don bin, and it’s just an informal way of saying “really.”

Quote from Les Parent, season 5, episode 1, Radio-Canada, Montreal, 17 September 2012.

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