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Yes-no questions can be formed in colloquial French using tu. In the examples below, pay attention to the position of tu. This tu doesn’t mean you.

C’est cher. It’s expensive.
C’est-tu cher? Is it expensive?

C’est bon. It’s good.
C’est-tu bon? Is it good?

J’ai raison. I’m right.
J’ai-tu raison? Am I right?

Tu m’aimes. You love me.
Tu m’aimes-tu? Do you love me?

J’ai fait ça. I did that.
J’ai-tu fait ça? Did I do that?

T’as appelé. You called.
T’as-tu appelé? Did you call?

Tu is placed after the conjugated verb (c’est-tu bon?). In composed tenses (like the passé composé), the tu is placed after the auxiliary, not the past participle (j’ai-tu fait ça?).

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