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In the winter issue of Urbania (#32), people were asked who they thought would make the ideal lesbian couple. (This issue was devoted to the theme of lesbians, which explains the question.)

Some people matched singers together, others matched actors…

One woman answered the question by saying that she’s not going to start matching others when she’s got enough trouble matching herself:

Je commencerai pas à matcher les autres alors que j’ai déjà assez de misère à me matcher moi-même!

Misère in this quote doesn’t mean misery. (Well, literally it does.) It just means difficulty. Avoir de la misère à faire quelque chose means to have trouble doing something.

If you hear a person talking about having misery, it doesn’t mean that she’s depressed necessarily. 🙂

[The quote above appeared in the Vox Pop section of the magazine Urbania, by Joanie Guérin, hiver 2012, numéro 32, Montréal, p. 6.]

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In the Vox Pop section of the Montreal-based magazine Urbania (#32), people were asked what they thought was the biggest myth related to lesbians.

A secondary school student felt that the biggest myth was how people think that lesbians are lesbian parce qu’elles ne pognent pas avec les gars.

pogner avec les gars
to turn guys’ heads, to be lucky with guys

(Remember, gars is pronounced gâ.)

In other words, the myth that the student mentioned was how some people believe that lesbians are lesbian because they can’t attract a guy.


pogner avec les filles
to turn girls’ heads, to be lucky with girls

According to this, guys who dance well have more success in the pogner avec les filles department. If a guy moves well to the music, it suggests to females that he’s in good health and can reproduce.

In that case,



[This entry was inspired by “Vox Pop” (written by Joanie Guérin) in Urbania, numéro 32, hiver 2012, Montréal, page 6.]

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