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We’ve seen that je suis can contract in informal language to what sounds like chu or chui. But where does that ch sound come from in chu and chui, considering there isn’t any ch sound in je suis to begin with?

To get the pronunciation chui, je suis contracts to j’suis. Je loses its vowel sound, and the resulting j’s makes the French ch sound. The same thing happens with chu, which is je suis contracted to j’su’s.

So the ch sound comes from j’s.

This is why je sais contracted informally to j’sais sounds like ché. It’s also why je sois contracted to j’sois sounds like choi. Je savais contracted to j’savais sounds like chavais. Anywhere you have the informally contracted j’s, you have the ch sound.

Cynthia Dulude uses the pronunciations j’su’s (chu) and j’sois (choi) in one of her videos in the Listen section.

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In Cynthia Dulude’s video posted in entry #549, we hear informal pronunciations of je suis and je sois.

Je sois is the subjunctive form of je suis.

She pronounced je suis as j’su’s (chu), and je sois as j’sois (choi):

… j’su’s maintenant la nouvelle blogueuse* beauté de msn.fr.

… profiter du fait que j’sois là.

Learn to recognise these informal pronunciations.

*Un blogueur is a blogger. The feminine form is une blogueuse. A blog is un blogue.

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