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Y’a du monde en crisse

In a department store, I witnessed a guy in his 30s take a look at the long line-up at the cash and then say to his girlfriend:

Y’a du monde en crisse.
There’s a lot of fucking people.

y’a du monde
= il y a du monde
= there’s a lot of people

The expression en crisse makes it stronger. Using this expression is swearing.

The pronunciation of crisse is pretty close to the way the English name “Chris” sounds with a short i, but pronounced with a French r.

Crisse comes from the name Christ. That’s why it’s considered a swear word, un sacre.


On the métro, a lady got angry when a bunch of little kids got on the train and made noise.

She called them p’tits crisses, or “little shits.”

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