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Complexe Desjardins, à Montréal [février 2016]

Complexe Desjardins, à Montréal [février 2016]

As a continuation from the last post about comment qu’on écrit ça? and oignon/ognon, let’s look at more language used by the same animator from the 98,5 fm talkshow.

Referring to the spelling modifications that’ve been proposed, the animator said an equivalent of this in French:

You have to admit it’s confusing.

Do you know what word she might have used to say confusing?

She used mêlant. Here’s what she said:

Avoue qu’c’est mêlant.

(This literally means admit that it’s confusing.)

The contracted qu’ (from que) makes a k sound (avouk c’est mêlant).

If something’s mêlant, it causes confusion. On the other hand, someone in a state of confusion is said to be mêlé.

mêlant, confusing
mêlé, confused

J’su’ don’ ben mêlé, moi.
I’m really confused.

j’su’ (sounds like chu): contraction of je suis
don’ ben (sounds like don bain): used for emphasis


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