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Be better than your best excuse

Click to see a larger version. (Sorry for the weird angles. It was the only way to take the photos without my big nose being reflected in them.)

The Club Athlétique Mansfield in Montréal is back with 5 new ads posted outside their front entrance.

The last set of ads from this gym that I posted used swear words in French. You can see them in Fuck the excuses! 5 unique weight-loss ads in French.

In this new set of ads, the gym reminds people to keep at their efforts to lose weight and get into shape.

Interestingly, you can draw a parallel between these ads and the perseverance it takes to integrate into your new society in Québec or to master French.

1. Si c’était facile, tout le monde le ferait!
If it were easy, everybody would do it!

To master French, spend a lot of time with the language over the long term. Learning the basics of a language is easy. It takes perseverance to get past the basics and go all the way.

2. Soyez meilleur que votre meilleure excuse!
Be better than your best excuse!

We’ve all got a few excuses holding us back in our endeavours. If your excuses are preventing you from learning French or integrating, there’s only one thing to do: identify what they are and dismantle them.

3. Ça ne devient jamais plus facile, vous devenez simplement meilleur!
It never gets easier, you just get better at it!

If you find that you’ve reached a stable level in French, you may want to turn up the challenge factor a little to keep progressing. You advance when there’s challenge involved.

4. Pas de challenge, pas de changement!
No challenge, no change!
No challenge, no gain!

And not “no pain, no gain,” which I think is bad advice. Challenge and pain aren’t the same thing.

5. Nous formons des habitudes et ces habitudes nous forment!
We form habits and these habits form us!
We are shaped by the habits we form!

Make speaking with francophones a regular habit and this habit will shape you into a confident speaker of French.

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