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I’m happy to put up for sale today a new OffQc guide for you – Entendu au Québec: 99 questions and answers. This guide uses genuine examples of overheard language to challenge and guide you to say things more in line with how native speakers of French from Québec say them spontaneously during conversations.

Buy and download Entendu au Québec here in the OffQc store

To create this guide, I collected 99 short, conversational French sentences highly typical of spoken language. I heard all 99 of these examples of French pronounced during real conversations in Québec.

Your job with this guide is to guess just how the speakers said these sentences in French using context and vocab clues. You’ll then check your answer by comparing it to how the Québécois speakers said it, and read the related language notes to help you understand why they said it that way.

The best way to illustrate how it works is to check out these pages taken from the guide itself. (Click on the pages for larger size.)

Table of contents and introduction


Sample question and answer


Another sample question


I’ll let you check the answer to that one in the book!

In total, there are 99 questions and answers like this.

Given that many of you are learning French in places quite far from Québec with little to no access to French speakers, getting feedback on your French isn’t easy. By attempting a guess in French and then comparing it with how a speaker from French really said it spontaneously in a genuine conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to gauge how close (or how far off!) your French comes to that of the natives.

As I mentioned in the book itself, don’t be concerned if you find that your attempts rarely match how the speakers themselves said it. That’s kind of the point! This guide is meant to help you identify where you might be saying things in ways that don’t sound colloquial or natural in French. The more mistakes you make and catch, the more you’ll learn. So don’t worry about making mistakes when you work through the guide.

If you choose to work through the guide a second time, you’ll find your guesses are much more accurate.

You can buy and download this guide immediately in the OffQc store, along with all the others. (Follow the link below.) It’s in PDF format. Payment is by credit card or PayPal.

Buy and download Entendu au Québec here in the OffQc store

Bonne lecture!

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