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On 98,5 fm, there was a discussion about the spelling modifications that have taken place in French.

The animator of the show brought up the example of the French word for onion, whose spelling has been modified, but whose old spelling is still considered acceptable nonetheless.

Jokingly, the animator asked in French in a slightly exasperated tone:

How do you spell it?

Can you say how she might’ve said that? She said it in a way typical of colloquial language.

Here’s how she said it:

Comment qu’on écrit ça?

That que in there can often be heard in spoken language — but you should be aware some people will tell you it’s incorrect. If you’re bothered by this, you can say comment on écrit ça?

We’ve seen other examples of que used like this recently, here and here.

So, onion in French… comment qu’on écrit ça?

  • oignon (old spelling)
  • ognon (new spelling)

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