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I’m in a café. There’s free WiFi here, or WiFi gratuit.

In Québec, the pronunciation of WiFi follows the English pronunciation.

There’s a kid near me reading a Wikipédia article on his laptop about le bouclier canadien, the Canadian Shield.

In Québec, the adjective canadien is dzidzuated. It’s pronounced ca-na-dzien.

Wikipédia is also dzidzuated. It’s pronounced wi-ki-pé-dzia.

I’m looking out the window. It looks like it’s going to rain.

The verb “to rain” is pleuvoir in French. You’ll also sometimes hear it said as mouiller in Québec.

Il pleut and il mouille mean the same thing. If you hear someone say y mouille, that’s an informal pronunciation of il mouille.

Today is Labour Day, la fête du Travail.

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