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In an ad on the radio, a speaker says:

On est pognés dans’ neige pendant six mois.
We’re stuck in the snow for six months.

(He was talking about life in Québec, I think!)

Pogné (from the verb pogner) means stuck here. It’s an informal usage. The expression is être pogné, to be stuck. Pogné sounds like ponnyé.

Instead of pognés dans la neige, though, the speaker said pognés dans neige. That’s because the word pair dans la can contract to dans ‘a in spoken language, which essentially sounds like dans. This contraction is sometimes shown in writing as dans’.

Using the language heard on the radio, then, to be stuck in the snow is:

être pogné dans la neige,

which is most likely to be pronounced spontaneously as:

êt’ pogné dans’ neige.

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