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Do you know what the red thing's called? (Answer below.)

What’s the red thing called? (Answer below.)

Flash quiz, 7 questions! The answers follow, with a few notes where necessary.

1. If someone’s got a face de boeuf, he or she has

a) a hungry look on the face
b) an angry look on the face
c) a confused look on the face

2. Someone who’s baveux is a

a) cheeky, arrogant person
b) sloppy, messy person
c) person who cries a lot

3. How is nombril (belly button) pronounced in Québec?

a) nom-bri (silent L)
b) nom-brile (L is pronounced)
c) Both are frequently heard in Québec.

4. The expression couler son examen means

a) to pass one’s exam with flying colours
b) to cheat on one’s exam
c) to flunk one’s exam

5. A person who’s raqué is

a) disappointed
b) stiff, aching
c) fast asleep

6. The expression pogner les nerfs means

a) to lose one’s temper
b) to get really excited
c) to get stoned or drunk

7. The following expression hasn’t appeared on OffQc yet, but take a guess. Which of these means to pout, to sulk? Careful, only one of them is a real expression!

a) faire la fafoune
b) faire la baboune
c) faire la zazoune





No peeking!








b) an angry look on the face
Note: Boeuf is pronounced beu in this expression.

a) cheeky, arrogant person

a) nom-bri (silent L)
Note: Nom-brile is heard in France.

c) to flunk one’s exam

b) stiff, aching

a) to lose one’s temper
Note: The final fs in nerfs is silent.

b) faire la baboune
Note: It’s got nothing to do with baboons. Baboune derives from babine, an informal word for lip. (You stick it out when you pout.)

Image The red thing’s called une borne-fontaine.

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Now that you’re better acquainted with the québécois verb pogner and how to pronounce it, here’s another expression that you can add to your knowledge:

pogner les nerfs
to lose one’s temper, to get angry

The last two letters of nerfs are silent. It sounds like “nair.”

Here are some good examples found through Google:

Personne a pogné les nerfs à part toi.
Nobody got angry except you.

Elle a pogné les nerfs après moi.
She lost her temper with me.

Je lui ai fait des avances; elle a pogné les nerfs en disant que je ne pensais qu’au cul.
I put the moves on her; she got angry saying that I only think about sex.

C’t’une joke, là! Pogne pas les nerfs!
I’m just kidding! Don’t get so angry!

J’ai vraiment dû respirer pour ne pas pogner les nerfs.
I really had to breathe to avoid losing my temper.

Fais-moi pas pogner les nerfs!
Don’t make me lose my temper!

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