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In #780, we saw three postcards that I bought with different words from Québec on them — and which will soon be on their way to Mexico because César won them. 😉

The cards are made by tiguidou-shop.com, who’ve put online images of other postcards in the series. Here are a few more fun ones for us to look at:

Nids de poule

Nids de poule

un nid de poule, un nid-de-poule
pothole (literally, hen’s nest)

Montréal, aire de reproduction
Montréal, reproduction zone
[If you’ve never been to Montréal, know that the city is famous for its proliferation of potholes.]

Slow down!!

Ralentissez, pensez à nos enfants
Slow down, think of our children
[The expression pensez à nos enfants can be seen on signs in Québec where drivers are encouraged to drive safely.]

Did you notice the shape of the pothole in the bottom left?


Beavers in deep conversation…

hein?!, huh?!
ouin, yup
ah ouin??, oh yeah??
bin là…, oh come on…
voyons!, oh come on!
awaye dont!, come on!
ben voyons dont…, oh come on…
ouin, yup
ayoye…, ouch…, holy…
fait que… c’est ça, so… yeah
heille!, hey!

In fact, dont is supposed to be spelled donc in these examples, but they’ve used the spelling dont to show that the final c is not pronounced — it sounds like don. A beaver is called un castor in French.

naturiste québécois

Naturiste québécois
Québécois nudist

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I bought 3 really cool postcards yesterday.

Feminine words are in black.
Masculine words are in blue.

Petit lexique québécois

Petit lexique québécois

bibitte à patates (lady bug), pitou (doggie), maringouin (mosquito), coquerelle (cockroach), mouche à feu (firefly), ouaouaron (bull frog), moufette (skunk), siffleux (groundhog), minoune (kitty)

Petit lexique québécois

Petit lexique québécois

bobettes (undies), calotte (cap), coton ouaté (sweatshirt), mitaines (mittens), soulier (shoe), tuque (tuque), froque (coat), bas (socks), espadrille (running shoe)

Petit lexique québécois

Petit lexique québécois

bombe (kettle), cadran (alarm clock), barniques (barnacles, spectacles), bécycle (bicycle), plasteur (bandage), champlure (tap), ruine-babine (harmonica), balayeuse (vacuum cleaner), bazou (jalopy)

I’m going to give these postcards away to somebody here. There were more postcards in the series, and I wanted to buy them all and give them away, but I’d have got into trouble if I spent all my money and came home last night without the milk and bread I was supposed to buy.

I bought the postcards at Renaud-Bray, if you want to look for them yourself. Or you can buy them online from tiguidou-shop.com, including the other ones in the series. They’re cheaper online, but I didn’t check the shipping.

I also have two new DVDs from Québec with subtitles to give away. So, if you participated in the La grande séduction contest but didn’t win, I’m putting your email address back into a tuque or bas and will pull out three new winners. Two people will get a DVD, and one will get the postcards.

Check your email – I may be writing to you asking for your postal address!
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Despite the singular forms on the postcard, barniques and bobettes are generally used in the plural.

Bécycle is pronounced bécik. Ouaouaron is pronounced wawaron.

Froque is also spelled froc. Ruine-babine is also spelled ruine-babines.

Bombe is an old-fashioned word for bouilloire. Champlure is falling out of use; you can say robinet.

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