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Just when it seemed like spring wasn’t too far off, winter has returned to Montréal. The city has turned white again and the snow is still falling.

On the radio, an announcer tried to reassure listeners that spring is indeed on its way, despite this latest snowfall. It’s supposed to warm up next week.

He told us that spring is coming by saying:

Le printemps s’en vient.

Perhaps you’re not familiar with how the verb s’en venir (to come) works. It’s used frequently in Québec, so it’s a good idea to learn it.

L’été s’en vient.
Le train s’en vient.
Les vacances s’en viennent.
Les examens s’en viennent.
Dis-lui que je m’en viens.
Viens-t’en, je t’invite*.

*je t’invite = my treat, it’s on me

Or from a song by Avec pas d’casque:

« La journée qui s’en vient est flambant neuve »

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