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In a scene from La Galère, Stéphanie goes to see her teenaged son’s new apartment. It’s a real dump.

The first thing that she says about the apartment is:

C’est pas cute cute, c’est pas prop’ prop’…
It’s not cute cute, it’s not clean clean…
(Not exactly cute, not exactly clean…)

She pronounced propre informally as prop’.

Now a quote from the magazine Urbania:

— […] Nomme-moi, vite vite de même, dix cinéastes femmes au Québec.
— Vite vite de même, là?
— GO!

— Name (quick quick just like that) ten female filmmakers in Quebec.
— What, just like that?
— GO!

Today: cute cute, propre propre, vite vite. Yesterday (#424): là, là? là, là! Sometimes French words are better in pairs!

[First quote from La Galère, season 4, episode 3, Radio-Canada, Montreal, 26 September 2011. Second quote by Robin Aubert in “Mon amie tout court,” Urbania, hiver 2012, numéro 32, Montréal, p. 83.]

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