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I spotted this Pages Jaunes ad in Montréal, which reads:

Rosemont compte 18 déménageurs. Et beaucoup trop d’escaliers pour s’en passer. There are 18 moving companies in Rosemont. And far too many staircases to be able to do without (the movers).

Un déménageur is a mover.

Rosemont is a neighbourhood in Montréal.

As for les escaliers, if you’ve visited Montréal, then you know there are lots of them here and that they’re very much part of the city’s look.

Screenshot of Google results showing outdoor staircases in Montréal

Screenshot of Google results showing outdoor staircases in Montréal

What does the expression se passer de mean? It means to do without, to go without. S’en passer then is to do without it/them, etc.

Je ne suis plus capable de me passer de mes verres de contact.
I can’t do without my contact lenses anymore.

Ça fait deux jours que je dois m’en passer.
I’ve had to go without (it, them) for two days.

Remember that passer is pronounced with â, as if it were written pâsser. You can hear the conjugated form passe pronounced here when Korine Côté says y’a une ambulance qui passe, there’s an ambulance going by.

Back to the ad, it’s saying that there are so many staircases in Rosemont that you’ll want to take advantage of the movers located there.

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