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Chère madame qui m'a vu me décrotter le nezHere’s more fun stuff from Rabii!

Rabii’s blog posts are written in the form of comical letters to different people who’ve crossed his path in Montréal.

Below you’ll find some entertaining French to learn from three different posts, or “letters,” that he’s written.

After each number below is the title of one of his blog posts, which you can click on to go the post in question.

1. Chère madame qui m’a vu me décrotter le nez

Dear lady who saw me picking my nose

Rabii says to the lady who witnessed the whole nose-picking scene:

Tu as tout vu, mais je m’en fous, je l’assume : je suis un décrotteur occasionnel.

You saw it all, but I don’t care, and I’m not afraid to say it: I’m an occasional nosepicker.

se décrotter le nez, to pick one’s nose
un décrotteur occasionnel, an occasional picker

Now that you know se décrotter le nez, you can also say:

se décrotter les yeux, to pick the crud out of one’s eyes
se décrotter les oreilles, to clean one’s ears out

2. Cher ami qui veut fourrer son iPhone

Dear friend who wants to screw his iPhone

Rabii says to his friend:

Pour vrai, j’ai peur d’arriver chez toi trop tôt un jour, d’ouvrir la porte de ta chambre et te pogner en train de le fourrer, ton iPhone.

Seriously, I’m afraid I’ll arrive at your place too early one day, open your bedroom door and catch you screwing your iPhone.

pogner quelqu’un, to catch someone
en train de fourrer, in the act of screwing
fourrer son iPhone, to screw one’s iPhone

You can read all about the verb pogner in “Everything you ever wanted to know about the québécois verb pogner.”

3. Cher gars qui traite sa blonde comme d’la marde

Dear guy who treats his girlfriend like shit

Rabii comes to the defence of a nice girl whose boyfriend talked to her like shit while shopping in Montréal.

Nonetheless, Rabii admits to sometimes wondering if girlfriends are really even necessary:

Y’a des jours où j’me dis : « Qui a besoin d’une blonde quand on a Netflix? »

There are days when I think, “Who needs a girlfriend when you’ve got Netflix?”

une blonde, a girlfriend
traiter quelqu’un comme de la marde, to treat someone like shit

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