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Here’s some more conversational Quebec French from the TV series Les Parent. If you have the possibility to watch it on television (on Radio-Canada) or on tou.tv, I recommend it. You can also check for it on DVD.


Natalie asks her teenaged son Thomas how his friend Félix is. Thomas tells his mother that he hasn’t seen him. He also tells her that he doesn’t hang around with that group of friends anymore:

Je me tiens plus avec cette gang-là.
I don’t hang around with those guys anymore.

Plus is pronounced plu is this example. (In full, it would be je ne me tiens plus…, but Thomas left the ne off.)


Olivier tells his younger brother Zak that he’s such an idiot:

T’es ben con!
You’re such an idiot!


Olivier explains to his parents why he got into a fight with another boy. It’s because the other boy was picking on his younger brother Zak and his friend:

Y’était en train d’écoeurer Zak pis son ami.
He was picking on Zak and his friend.

He also tells his parents that the other boy was going to hit Zak:

Y’allait fesser sur Zak!
He was gonna hit Zak!

Écoeurer isn’t as hard to pronounce as it looks. It’s just ékeuré.

[Quotes from Les Parent, “Fréquentations douteuses,” season 4, episode 4, Radio-Canada, Montreal, 3 October 2011.]

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