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Click on the image to read Rabii's letter.

Click on the image to read Rabii’s letter.

Remember Rabii Rammal?

He’s the guy who wrote comical blog posts in the form of open letters, like the one about someone who wanted to park in a spot for handicapped people, or the one about the woman who caught him picking his nose.

This time, Rabii has posted an open letter to a girl who wrote to him about wanting to commit suicide.

In his letter, Rabii tells her:

Tu m’as dit que « peut-être que tout l’monde s’en colisserait » si t’étais plus là.
You told me [in your message] that “maybe nobody would give a shit” if you weren’t alive anymore.

Then, at the end of his letter (which you can read and discover on your own if you’re interested), he tells her:

J’te connais pas, mais j’m’en colisse pas.
I don’t know you, but I do give a shit.

1. s’en colisser

to not give a shit

Tout le monde s’en colisse.
Nobody gives a shit.

Je m’en colisse.
I don’t give a shit.

2. ne pas s’en colisser

to actually give a shit
(i.e., to not not give a shit)

— Tu t’en colisses.
— Je m’en colisse pas!
— You don’t give a shit.
— I do give a shit!

There are a few other things in French that you might like to learn from his letter:

3. Tu m’as dit que t’avais lâché ta job.

You told me that you had quit your job.

Lâcher: Remember what â sounds like?
It sounds similar to “aww.”

4. Ça, c’était le bout rough à lire.

Reading that part was rough (i.e., it was difficult to stomach).

Le bout rough (the rough part) sounds like le boutte roffe.

5. J’ai trouvé ça nice.

I thought that was cool.

Nice is pronounced like the English word.

6. Je t’ai envoyé un bonhomme sourire.

I sent you a smiley. 🙂

[Language taken from: Rabii Rammal, Chère fille qui s’est pas suicidée, Urbania, 30 janvier 2014.]

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