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In an ad for a supermarket, we hear a woman say to a man:

Tiens, regarde la circulaire.
Here, look at the flyer.

Une circulaire is a flyer or circular, which is a printed summary of items on sale in a store.


In the image, there are circulaires available at the entrance to this store. On the sign behind, to the right, we read:

Aubaines de la semaine
Deals of the week

Une aubaine is a special or a good deal. To the left of the image at the top, the text is cut off, but it reads:

Spéciales de la circulaire hebdomadaire
Flyer specials this week
(literally, specials from the weekly flyer)

Une spéciale and une aubaine are the same thing: a special or a good deal. Une circulaire hebdomadaire is a flyer that comes out every week.

Many people wish not to receive flyers at their home. You’ll sometimes see a red sticker on mailboxes reading pas de circulaires, meaning they don’t want junk mail.


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