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Six oranges, check. Five tomatoes, check. One locally grown child, check.

Last week, I went to a supermarket called Maxi.

At Maxi, you have to put une piasse (1 $) into a device on le panier (shopping cart) to release it from the other ones. The panier only accepts one-dollar coins.

When I had finished shopping and returned my panier, two women approached me. One of them asked if she could take my piasse in exchange for four quarters so that she could take a panier.

She asked:

Est-ce que je peux prendre ta piasse pour quatre vingt-cinq sous?
Can I take your loonie [one-dollar coin] for four quarters?

At Maxi, there’s a large sign posted at the spot where customers return their paniers in the parking lot, le stationnement.

I took a photo of the sign so that you could see it and learn French vocabulary from it.

Some of the vocabulary on the sign includes: dépôt, se procurer un panier, retourner le panier, magasiner, passer à la caisse, déverrouiller un panier, monnaie, jeton réutilisable.

The word panier doesn’t just refer to shopping carts with wheels, though.

I found another sign that uses the word panier on it at the entrance to a store called Dollarama.

On this sign, shoppers are told to use a panier (basket) when shopping in the store, and not one of their own sacs réutilisables, reusable bags.

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I took a photo of some jumbo ouates in a supermarket:


Did you catch the literal meaning of ouate de phoque printed on the t-shirt in entry #687?

I wanted to take a photo of a cuddly, little phoque, but I couldn’t find any here in Saint-Léonard. Here’s one from Wikipedia instead:


Ouate de phoque? Seal puff!

Near the jumbo ouates in the supermarket were these bâtonnets ouatés:


They’re usually just called Q-Tips in regular conversations, though.

In Cynthia Dulude’s video about applying eyeliner, she says:

Vous pouvez faire des petites retouches avec un Q-Tips.
You can do little touch-ups with a Q-Tip.

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