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Écoeurer (pronounced ékeuré, ekœʀe) doesn’t always mean to disgust. There are times when it can be used in the sense of to pick on.

On this page from the Sûreté du Québec, we read about bullying at school, known as l’intimidation.

Tu le sais, les jeunes qui veulent écoeurer quelqu’un trouvent plein de moyens pour le faire.
You know, young people who want to pick on someone find all kinds of ways to do it.

Sûreté du Québec, “L’intimidation
Page consulted 6 May 2015

They also give examples on that page of how a young person might go and écoeurer a classmate through intimidationla menace (threats), la violence physique (physical violence), les rumeurs malveillantes (malicious rumours), le chantage (blackmail), la violence verbale (verbal violence).

If écoeurer quelqu’un means to pick on someone, then se faire écoeurer means to get picked on.

Ma fille commence à se faire écoeurer à l’école.
My daughter is starting to get picked on at school.

These are Québécois usages, and they’re not the only ones. We’ll look at some others in a new post.

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