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Take a look at these examples of French:

– à part le matin
– à m’tanne avec ça
– à shake d’l’épaule

All three phrases come from the song Donne-moi-z’en by Bernard Adamus. (Do you remember we looked at the meaning of donne-moi-z-en here?)

In the phrases above, you might think à is the preposition à, but in fact it’s not. This à is an informal pronunciation of the subject pronoun elle that you’ll often hear in spoken language. (It sounds just like the preposition à, though.)

The phrases above are spoken equivalents of:

– elle part le matin
– elle me tanne avec ça
– elle shake de l’épaule

Knowing then that à is an informal pronunciation of elle, do you now understand the meaning of the three phrases?

à part le matin
she leaves in the morning

à m’tanne avec ça
she gets on my case about it, she goes on and on about it to me, etc.

à shake d’l’épaule
she shakes her shoulder (she shakes from the shoulder)

The informal verb shaker is pronounced like the English shake + é. The conjugated form shake sounds like the English shake.

In à m’tanne avec ça, the vowel of me has dropped. Shift the m’ to the end of à, then say tanne.

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I spotted a Québécois usage on the cover of the magazine Ricardo yesterday.

Tanné de jeter de la bouffe?
Tired of throwing food away?

The expression to learn is être tanné, which means to be tired, fed up.

je suis tanné
(pronounced informally chu tanné)
I’m fed up

If you want to say what you’re sick of, use être tanné de, for example: être tanné de la chaleur, être tanné d’étudier, être tanné de quelqu’un.

Then there’s tanner (to irritate) and tannant (irritating)…

Way back in #241 (Tu me tannes), there’s an example from 30 vies where a character called Blaise is tired of listening to his classmate Massoud lecture him.

Blaise says to Massoud: tu me tannes, you irritate me. We could describe Massoud as being tannant, or irritating.

Learn la bouffe too, if you don’t know it. It means food. Maybe you’ve come across bouffe before in the supermarket IGA’s slogan Vive la bouffe (literally, “long live food”).

tanné, fed up
tanner, to irritate
tannant, irritating
la bouffe, food

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